Gemeindeamt Feld

The intention of the project was to improve the city limit situation with a new municipal center.
The through street, next to which the building is set, is cruised by many tourists who should be attracted by a modern building and a peek towards the main square which is now blocked by old unused houses.
In order to prolong the view while driving on the main street, it would have been manipulated, speeding down the traffic significantly.
The modern perspective looking from the street with a single pitched roof forms a contrast to the rather traditional double pitched roof form towards the other side. The main square from where you have a view on the traditional shape is the 2nd most beautiful square in Carinthia. The square is surrounded by traditional houses; therefore it was important not to distract the view by a modern shaped building.
The ground floor holds a tourist information and a small coffee house, the first floor has a bigger footprint required for the municipal offices and a municipal hall.